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Actively working to dismantle racism in Snohomish


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I pledge to stand up to all forms of hate, bigotry and bullying.
I will not stay silent in the face of intolerance based on race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, religion, ability or any other factor.
I will work together with my neighbors to create safer, more inclusive communities for all.



Our Goals


Working with our Schools

We want to work with our local schools and PTA boards to ensure we are inclusive of all our community members.

Working with our local government

We're also working with our local government to help our lawmakers in considering other viewpoints when creating policy.

Working across faith groups

Our local places of worship are ideal for discussing and getting the word out about issues that will benefit everyone.

New & Notes

News and Notes on racism and the happenings in and around Snohomish.

Our first Youth in Action Scholarship Award Winner

Isaac Olson
Glacier Peak 2020 Graduate
College: University of Washington

"I want to thank Snohomish for Equity for inspiring, supporting, and assisting me, and countless others in our community, as we continue to fight for equality. Until everyone from every background is treated equally, no one should sit complacently. We must take the chance to cultivate acceptance and empathy, not only to build a better community in Snohomish, but to secure a brighter future for everyone facing discrimination across the world." Join us in congratulating Isaac and wishing him success in his ongoing education path.

Statement from the Snohomish for Equity Board

As we stand a little over two months removed from May 31st and the events that followed, Snohomish for Equity (SFE) remains steadfast to our mission and deeply committed to the work of anti-racism. We choose to lean in to this work daily, even when it is uncomfortable. Part of that is defining what we support as an organization.

  • We support dialogue, awareness, and education around issues of racism in Snohomish.
  • We support our town of Snohomish wholeheartedly as it works to become the best version of itself: a thriving and welcoming community free of hate, intimidation, discrimination, and ignorance.
  • We support/stand with our local government in upholding Resolution 1389.
  • We support our country with the same wholeheartedness. We are patriotic and deeply committed to seeing our country live up to its ideals.
  • We support the efforts of dismantling the white supremacy that is ingrained in our town and country by recognizing systemic racism and addressing the policies and practices that uphold it.
  • We support racial equity and inclusion in all facets of our community.
  • We support a culture of acceptance and openness that allows Snohomish to be proud of who we are.

Over these past two months, social media based misinformation campaigns against SFE have occurred, as well as doxing of SFE board members and several community members who support our mission. Trolling and mischaracterizing our efforts only strengthens our resolve to live up to our purpose and focuses our attention on what truly matters: Black Lives Matter. We will continue to engage our community and provide educational opportunities that promote an understanding of diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Our new SFE Board

As part of our organization's process of biyearly board member position review there have been a few rotations in our board positions. We are pleased to announce our new board for the coming years:

Tabitha Baty - President
Lisa Odom - Vice President
Teresa Rugg - Secretary
Joan Robinett Wilson - Treasurer
Kathy Purviance-Snow / Member at Large
Denise Gertis / Member at Large
Troy Martez / Member at Large

Upcoming Events

Events happening in and around the Snohomish area presented by Snohomish for Equity or that align with our mission.


SFE Book Club: The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein

Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 6:30 - 8:00 PM PST [Online Discussion]

In this groundbreaking history of the modern American metropolis, Richard Rothstein, a leading authority on housing policy, explodes the myth that America’s cities came to be racially divided through de facto segregation—that is, through individual prejudices, income differences, or the actions of private institutions like banks and real estate agencies. Rather, The Color of Law incontrovertibly makes clear that it was de jure segregation—the laws and policy decisions passed by local, state, and federal governments—that actually promoted the discriminatory patterns that continue to this day.

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Snohomish for Equity Youth Scholarship


The application for our scholarship award for the 2020 - 2021 school year will be available later in the school year. Check back soon.

Please consider joining the Snohomish for Equity Youth Council. More details and the application can be found Youth Council page.