About Snohomish for Equity

The mission of SFE is to create dialogue and awareness around issues of racism in Snohomish. Our purpose is to engage our community and provide educational opportunities that promote an understanding of diversity, inclusion, and equity.

We envision a Snohomish where everyone feels welcome and included, no matter where they are from or who they are. All Snohomish residents deserve to live in a community free of hate, intimidation, discrimination, and ignorance. We seek racial equality and inclusion in all facets of community life. We believe we can create a culture of acceptance and openness that allows Snohomish to be proud of who we are as a community.

Background-Our History
When mothers get together, action can happen. A diverse group of mothers found themselves recounting incidents of racism and bigotry that they had witnessed locally, as well as is playing out across the nation. We chose to raise our children in this town, but have noticed disturbing trends of racism and a resistance to dialogue about implicit biases that exist. Snohomish for Equity was born out of this group’s desire to make our community welcoming and safe for all.

Our Board of Directors

Tabitha Baty Lewis


Lisa Odom

Vice President

Teresa Rugg


Joan Robinett Wilson


Denise Gertis

Member at Large

Troy Martez

Member at Large
Son. Brother. Husband. Father. Free Thinker. American.

Kathy Purviance-Snow

Member at Large