SFE Youth Committee

The purpose of the youth committee is aligned with the mission of SFE. The SFE Youth Committee will engage in learning and use their voices to promote an understanding of diversity, inclusion, and equity in Snohomish. SFE Youth Committee members will have educational opportunities, collaborate to become change agents in their community, and work together to strengthen the community of Snohomish’s culture of acceptance and openness, allowing Snohomish and its residents, especially its youth, to be proud of who we are as a community.

Application deadline 9/21/2020. Applications will be reviewed the week of September 21st and accepted applicants will be contacted by 9/25/2020. The first SFEYC of 2020-21 school year will be held September 29th. Submit questions and completed applications to Lisa Odom at SFE Vice President.

Download: SFE Youth Committee Application

 Stay in touch with the SFE Youth Committee on Instagram @sfeyouthcommittee.

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